Oinam Digital Garden

macOS Apps

We try to stay with the default Apps that comes with macOS. However, you still need few must-have tools, utilities, and programs that you need to get things done. Beside the usual heavyweights such as the browsers, here are some of the interesting and pretty useful macOS Apps that we use regularly.

1Password (paid) Started with Keepass as the entry into the world of Password Management but moved to 1Password (2006) since its beta and never looked back.

Alfred (free/paid) with its PowerPack is the primary utility that drives the regular task that happens on the MacOS.

AppCleaner (free)

CarbonCopyCloner (paid)

Dropbox (paid)

Grammarly (paid) + Hemingway App (paid) + iA Writer (paid)

Hazel (paid)

Howler Pro (free/paid)

ImageOptim (free)

Insync (paid)

MindNode (paid)

NextDNS (paid)

Rectangle (free)

Scapple (paid)

SublimeText (free/paid)

YemuZip (free)