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Why do I Swear?

Inspired by Paul Jarvis’s Boook, Everything I know.

I swear. At home, in meetings, and in the office.

So, why do I swear in business situations? Doesn’t it make me look bad? Uncreative? Belligerent? Unprofessional?

Typically, I swear to make a passionate point or plea or to call attention to something I think is important or disturbing or exciting. Cussing can make people listen, take notice, and feel an emotion (positive or negative).

I don’t use profanity simply to make a point, though. I swear because I swear. That’s who I am, and always have been. I am my brand, and my brand tends to preach about being yourself, regardless of the situation.

I’ve always been a little bit of a troublemaker, and I’m okay with that. I make trouble not to be mean, but to make people question things they might otherwise take for granted.

What if we acted like genuine, real, flawed people to each other, in every situation? That sounds nice. If I watered down or censored myself, I wouldn’t be honest with myself or with others.

I never swear, though, in reference to someone else – to put them down or to make them look bad. To me, that’s distasteful and disrespectful. And while I don’t value professionalism, I certainly believe in respect – especially online, where it’s easy to run your mouth or be negative to others.

I completely understand if people find my use of profanity offensive or distasteful, because it’s their right to have an opinion. But like me or lump me, I’m comfortable with who I am and how I come across. My worth comes from an internal source. I realize I’m not for everyone, and I’m completely happy with that.