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101 Crucial Lessons They Don’t Teach You in Business School

A list of 101 points by Chris Haroun of Haroun Education Ventures on life-lessons that can help you run a successful business, and life.

The book is broken up into;

  1. Ask for help. Reach out to people.
  2. Don’t just send your resume. Find out details and do something different for the job you want.
  3. Build relationship with coworkers and learn about others besides their job.
  4. Treat people like celebrities and celebrities like people.
  5. Meet people, have fun and learn.
  6. Sincere gratitute to others.
  7. Plug into your Alumni - school, colleges, etc.
  8. Network after a meeting.
  9. The longer the view the wiser the intention.
  10. Give and you shall receive, “Learn Earn Return”.
  11. The harder you work, the luckier you get.
  12. Don’t cheap out on education and self-improvement.
  13. Learn what not to do.
  14. After a vacation, plan your next. Take breaks regularly.
  15. Stress will kill you; don’t be the gazelle.
  16. It is OK to take days off even when you are not sick.
  17. The 10 commandments.
  18. You are limitless.
  19. The glass is always full.
  20. A Balanced Life is more productive for your Business.
  21. You are never as nervous as you sound.
  22. Avoid toxic people, the nay-sayers, the always-negative people.
  23. Good speakers are not always that good.
  24. Nobody is smarter than you.
  25. Transparency builds trust.
  26. Don’t trust others that cheat on others. They will cheat with you too.
  27. Avoid the liars.
  28. Safeguard your reputation.
  29. Over prepare for everything.
  30. Do the O’Hare test. Can you spend 8-hours between flights with your partner?
  31. Never take a shortcut you have never taken before when you in a hurry.
  32. Embrace your fears.
  33. Do a Gap Analysis. What do you need to go to your next step, your next goal.
  34. Write down your goals.
  35. Educate yourself for your life’s purpose.
  36. Keep pushing your goals.
  37. Have a passion. Be happy and achieve all your business goals.
  38. Laugh at your failures.
  39. Money does not equal happiness.
  40. Have sincere personal gratitude for what you have.
  41. All your wealth can’t buy your health.
  42. If you job is a taxing work, change it.
  43. Don’t mix your business with your family. Protect your family from your business. Avoid liabilities.
  44. Ask for help from outside counsel - lawyers, accountants.
  45. Stay out of trouble. Stay out of Jail.
  46. Praise in public, criticize in private.
  47. Be logical and avoid personal emotional attachment in business.
  48. Execution is better than Ideas.
  49. Hire slowly, Fire quickly.
  50. Deal with issues quickly and only once. Cut deep, cut once.
  51. Sleep over your anger, rash decisions.
  52. Do not bring in politics and religion. Keep them at bay for the believers.
  53. Absorb others’ criticism. They are compliments in disguise.
  54. If you talk behind people, it should be the good ones. Avoid saying bad things about people behind their back.
  55. Observe before you make a move.
  56. Learn to work with your superior, manager, boss without kissing their asses.
  57. Facetime and Body-language means a lot.
  58. Avoid Bro-Culture, discourage Sharks in a company.
  59. Tell your story. If you don’t tell people about what your successes, they will never know.
  60. Validate your positioning. Ask, “How am I doing?” often.
  61. Ask to get a promotion or a raise.
  62. Always have a Plan-B before you quit.
  63. Be careful of mixing Alchohol and Business.
  64. As tempting as it might be, don’t try too hard to impress your boss’s boss.
  65. Be a nice dumb guy.
  66. Don’t complain.
  67. Make sure your mentors and advisors are in a position that you want to be in one day.
  68. Follow people you aspire to be.
  69. Successful people always have a positive attitude.
  70. Follow the smart money.
  71. Double check what you email, and post anything online. However private, anything online will be uncovered one day.
  72. If you are leaving a company, don’t make it public news before you are ready to leave officially.
  73. Always have a personal backup plan.
  74. Question everyone’s motives in business.
  75. Fail fast and fail early.
  76. If you do not have business for your business, then please use Other People’s Money.
  77. Don’t invest if all of the founders have left.
  78. Less is More.
  79. Present with Passion and Enjoy Public Speaking.
  80. Shut up if you think you closed the sale.
  81. Small clients are just as much work as big clients.
  82. All great CEOs are great salespeople. “All I heard was not NO.”
  83. Talk Business Later. Get to know your customers before conducting business.
  84. Learn how to get a meeting with anyone.
  85. Confidence leads to competence.
  86. Sports or Recreation is a crucial boardroom talk.
  87. Play some friendly game.
  88. Dress for Success.
  89. Leverage the Media.
  90. Be a contrarian and watch your net worth soar.
  91. Big companies simply can’t innovate if the founder is no longer at the company.
  92. Always form your own opinions in business.
  93. Some of the best decisions in life are made on long walks.
  94. The best investments and companies to start are the ones that have the largest total addressable markets (TAM).
  95. Don’t respect tradition, but respect Innovation.
  96. Be Honest and Speak from the Heart.
  97. Listen to your spouse.
  98. Don’t let your upcoming success get sabotaged by the doubters. Don’t let those with inferior expectations in yourself and your goals/ambitions. Don’t let anyone rent space in your head.
  99. Take time for yourself.
  100. You are never too old to start over.
  101. Frustration leads to Reinvention.